10 March 2012

Annotated Game #35: Thou Shalt Falsify

Following Annotated Game #34, over a year passed between tournaments.  During this next tournament, I was at a point in my life where I had just moved and was preparing to move again soon for another job.  I also had not been serious about studying chess for a while.  These factors all combined to produce a notably poorer quality of play throughout the tournament.

In this game, the first round of the tournament, as White I get a very pleasant position out of an English Opening; my opening play continued to be effective, at least.  Black enters a dubious variation (a transposition to an Old Indian Defense) and drops a pawn, leading to an unusual middlegame where White has an outside passed pawn early on.  If White had known what plan to follow, this would most likely have led to victory.  However, rather than actively pushing the pawn and exploiting his queenside dominance, I played too passively and had a game-ending thought process mistake on move 19.  The failure to falsify my candidate move (which would have immediately picked up Black's threat to take the Nc3) was a reflection of an unstructured thinking process, something which in fact I've only recently rectified.


  1. Sadly, we cannot save the commentated pgns in this site!
    It is non possible? There are very interessants...

    It's not possible with ChessFlash?

  2. Hmm...it hadn't occurred to me that anyone would actually want to save them. The way ChessFlash (or the other programs) work, it doesn't appear that you can save the PGN data once it's published this way. There's a way to publish the actual PGN data for download, but that requires a separate process.

    What I'll probably do is explore the possibility of creating a PGN database with all of the commented games, with a download link.

    Thanks for your interest!