17 June 2013

Annotated Game #95: Rocky Rook and the Caro-Kann Advance

This was played relatively recently against Rocky Rook on FICS at a 60 5 time control and was an interesting struggle in the opening and early middlegame.  Black achieves a dream setup against White in a Caro-Kann Advance variation (by transposition), but I failed to capitalize on this tactically on move 19, after an unsuccessful (lazy?) attempt to calculate the permutations of ...Nxd4!  Instead I picked a safe option which I knew was somewhat passive, but then was fortunate when White overlooked a latent skewer threat and the game was essentially over.  Some additional tactical possibilities in the subsequent analysis provide some entertainment, although in the game I largely stuck with moves that I calculated would win sufficiently rather than win brilliantly.  I believe this is part of the secret of high-performance chess, so I don't feel so bad about the wonderfully better moves the engine pointed out during analysis.  A good game for training purposes.

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