17 February 2014

Commentary: Tradewise Gilbraltar 2014 - Round 1

The Tradewise Gilbraltar Chess Congress is always entertaining, both for the fans and for the players.  The following game, from round 1, was similarly entertaining and instructive for me.  What appears to be a solid King's Indian Attack formation is taken apart rather rapidly by Black, who employs some unusual-looking but very effective rook maneuvering to blast through on the queenside, while White dithers on the kingside.  The game notably features the formation of "Alekhine's Gun" by Black, with R+R+Q all aiming down the c-file. Although it was initially the opening that caught my eye, it's the example of how master-level players powerfully centralize their rooks that is my biggest take-away from the game.

1 comment:

  1. 13.b4? is horrible. Why not play 14.Bh3 instead? I would expect to lose to anyone, if I made that sort of mistake.