17 July 2011

Annotated Game #1: GM Walter Browne simul

This game was played at a simultaneous exhibition by GM Walter Browne at the 2006 National Open in Las Vegas.  I was able to prepare the opening in advance to a large extent, researching in my games database what Browne had used against the Caro-Kann after determining he was most likely to open with e4.  Although I went off-book at move 12, I still understood the positional ideas well enough that it wasn't a major issue.  Both players miss a couple of interesting tactical points along the way, maneuvering into an even endgame with Q+B+pawns on both sides.

The original tactical analysis was by Fritz 8 some five years ago.  I went through the game again from a human perspective and also had the Houdini engine check some moves, which in some cases overturned Fritz's assessments and backed up my own original thoughts.

I selected this game because it is a largely clean one and I remember my thought processes well enough, even five years later, probably due to the preparation and intensity involved.  I'm a fan of Browne's games and was honored to be able to play him.

Tech note: the commentary font size varies a bit, I'll try to iron that out in future posts.


  1. Ncie draw with a GM (even in a simul that is an accomplishment!) and these posts are a very promising start to your blog. I appreciate the mention below. I will do a brief post pointing people here.

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks, much appreciated. In general I find that I do much better against stronger players, as my game gets elevated. One of the things I need to work on is playing strongly and consistently against players that are at or below my own (rated) strength.

  3. Ditto, congrats to getting a draw with a GM!

    I've just found your blog. It's so great. Thank you for including your notes on your games. They are extremely helpful.