11 February 2012

Annotated Game #30: English vs. Double Fianchetto

This next tournament game features an opening which presents major decisions as early as move 3, which I find both interesting and refreshing.  Black however seems intent on playing a "system opening" in which he pursues a double fianchetto of his bishops without regard to what White is doing.  While the formation is not a particularly bad choice against the English, this sort of rote play starts going off the rails with 5...e6, which might have been a better idea if White had established a traditional pawn center.  White grabs the initiative on move 7 and has a strategically won game by move 12, although Black had some tactical counterplay possibilities on move 17 that would have greatly improved his position and chances.

While I've previously identified endgame play as my greatest weakness, the Bishop endgame that arises (which admittedly should be easily won) is played well by White.  This is the other side of the coin of analyzing your own games; not only should your areas for improvement be identified, but credit should also be given for competent play when it happens.  This is a confidence booster and it is useful psychologically for the improving player to know that they are in fact capable of such play.

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