04 May 2013

Commentary - 2013 U.S. Championships, Round 1

During the ongoing 2013 U.S. Championships, I'll provide commentary on one game each round, if I find one that is of particular personal interest.  Below is a game from Round 1 featuring longtime favorite GM Larry Christiansen as White against Yaacov Norowitz, who essays the always interesting (if unbalanced) Bronstein-Larsen variation of the Caro-Kann.  The opening requires Black to play energetically and try for a kingside attack whenever possible, but here it doesn't quite get going for him.  White is in control from around move 21 on, although Black puts up a dogged resistance.  The endgame is won after Christiansen returns his extra pawn in exchange for a dominant king.  Not a good result for fans of the Bronstein-Larsen, but well worth looking at regardless.

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