01 May 2013

Nakamura Plays the Slav (Annotated Game #93)

This game is from round 10 of the recently-completed FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Zug.  As Black, GM Hikaru Nakamura plays a line of the Slav that complements my repertoire and I therefore thought the game was worth studying.  The original game and analysis from GM Giorgi Margvelashvili can be found in this ChessBase news report.  From my point of view, Mameyadrov starts to go astray as early as move 6 and never manages to recover from his experimental opening, although the play is complicated.  It was interesting to see where Nakamura chose to alternately play tactically and solidly, which reveals something about practical decision-making at the chessboard.

This sort of game analysis is far from comprehensive, but it speaks directly to what I think is important for opening study and for general chess improvement.  Digging into games that interest you and seeing what decisions were made and why can only help your chess.

(This is reflected in the PGN database download as Annotated Game #93)

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